Does A/C Maintenance Really Make a Difference for Myrtle Beach Area Homeowners?

The best way to ensure your air-conditioning equipment can survive hot, humid summer days is to schedule a preventative maintenance with your trusted HVAC contractor. A maintenance visit can lessen the chances of an emergency breakdown at a most inconvenient time. There are several reasons as to why an air-conditioning tune-up is a valuable service and can really make a difference.

Peace of mind for your Myrtle Beach home

A preventative maintenance can catch potential problems before they happen. Much like scheduling your car for a tune-up before a long vacation, your HVAC equipment needs to be inspected before excessive use. The equipment used to keep your home cool has not been used in months, can you really expect it to run at peak efficiency without being checked?

Much like if your car was sitting in the garage for months, you would schedule an oil change, tire rotation, or even a tune-up before heading out on a cross-country road trip. You want peace of mind that your car is running in top condition. Your home’s heating and air conditioning system is the same way.

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Maintenance vs. Emergency

Of course, maintenance cannot guarantee your air-conditioner will not break down, however, if the system quits working, maintenance is more affordable than an emergency visit. In many cases, an emergency repair cost is significantly more than a maintenance visit.

The same holds true for your car. A tune-up cannot prevent all mechanical failures, but many issues can be found and repaired while performing a tune-up. The more preventable problems are corrected immediately, the less likely you are to break down on the side of the highway, waiting on a tow truck.

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Warranty validation

All vehicles and HVAC systems include a manufacturer’s warranty that requires regular maintenance to validate the warranty. An automobile manufacturer requires components such as the oil filter, air filter, and other mechanical parts to be replaced periodically to protect the engine. Failure to change the oil in a car will result in the manufacturer rejecting work under warranty.

All HVAC manufacturers require at least annual maintenance on the equipment to validate a warranty. Warranty certificates from all the manufacturers make this clear. These companies will not provide replacement parts unless the equipment was regularly maintained by a licensed HVAC contractor. You can find this information inside the literature provided by the manufacturer of your equipment. It should be labeled “Eligibility Requirements,” “Exclusions,” or something similar. A well-maintained piece of equipment is much less likely to break down.

HVAC System Longevity for Carolina Forest Residents in Myrtle Beach

Regular maintenance will prolong the life of the equipment; however, neglecting proper care can reduce its lifespan. What if you never schedule an oil change for your car, or replace the tires? The car will not last as long as someone who maintains their car properly. By keeping your air-conditioner maintained, it will last longer and keep its efficiency longer, to keep your home comfortable.

Does an A/C tune-up really make a difference?

Yes! For equipment and comfort that will last, warranty validation, avoiding expensive emergency costs, and your peace of mind – maintenance can make a difference.Contact Baker’s Residential Experts in Myrtle Beach to learn more!